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NOTICE: Laptop is getting repaired, semi-hiatus

Pretty much 100% DR blog. ^q^ I like all characters but Souda and ISHIMARU! are my main fighters in SSBB YEAH!! Mondo and Gundam too. (≧◡≦)❁*✲゚*

really stupid stuff and edits are getting posted here so beware
genocidersyo sent: hi! I'm really sorry to bother you like this when I'm sure you get asked a lot but, is there anywhere I can listen to/download the DR drama CD? I cant find it anywhere. Thank you!

Oh It’s no problem! actually, I’m glad you’re showing your interest! I collect several drama tracks on my blog, they are tagged with #Dangan Ronpa Drama Cdbut If your looking for the full list, It’s also available to download here! There are some BGM tracks from the game in there, too.

I hope this helps!


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